William Workman

William Workman


When I was a young child my father left my mother. I then grew up in a single parent home. Mom always did the best she could raising two boys. However it wasn’t easy.

Over the next several years of my childhood into adolescence I would see my mother marry and divorce. This led to us being abused and mistreated. Most of the time due to drug and alcohol abuse. I then lived with my grandmother. While there I would get clothes and shoes from others or the Thursday trash night excursions we would make. I finally made it through all the moves and graduated high school in 1989 in Dade City Fla.

In 1990 I got married and began the next chapter of my life. Working with my uncle at a warehouse one day after he had invited me to church many times before, I got frustrated. I had already had a bad experience with so called Christians and didn’t want anything to do with it. That day I blatantly told him I would never serve his God, because no good God would allow children to suffer. He became righteously indignant and I almost picked myself up from the floor. He told me that the reasons I had for not serving God were not God’s fault but sin in mankind. I went to church that week and visited. Wasn’t till a week or two later that I turned my life over to God, I am so thankful for someone who truly cared for me enough that no mater how hard I was. Now I want to share that same love, the Love of God!!!!

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