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What is a soul print you ask?

Just as fingerprints are unique, each human soul has an individual mark that it leaves behind on everyone it touches.
Til this day I can never make gumbo without thinking of my grandmother or see a sewing machine without thinking of my mother. Gumbo and a sewing machine seems insignificant until you realize all the lessons that were taught through these simple things. Making food for your family was not just a task of cooking but it was done in love for all that gathered around grandmas table. She taught me to be a servant and find joy in serving others. That will forever be imprinted in my life. My moms sewing taught me endurance and determination. My mom would spend countless hours sewing to provide for her family and to make that perfect dress for that special occasion. It taught me to put others first and that things didn’t come for free, it cost something. Imprints made even by the smallest action.

So many memories that come to my mind as I think of all the things that different ones have taught me. Many bible lessons taught by my Aunt Amy.
Then I have to ask myself, “what soul prints am I leaving on my children, my grandchildren”?
What am I teaching those around me.

In Titus 2. It says for the older women to teach the younger ones. I have to say God placed some wonderful teachers in my life.
It is my desire that one day that my own family and the ones God has placed around me will say that I left a godly print on their life!

Who are you leaving a soul print on today?

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Rebuild The Alters https://outpourchurch.com/rebuild-the-alters/ https://outpourchurch.com/rebuild-the-alters/#respond Mon, 21 May 2018 18:27:14 +0000 https://outpourchurch.com/?p=1272 Many feel like God has abandoned them. You may feel trapped, that there is no end to your suffering. Nothing is going right and you have lost beyond your ability to withstand the sorrow that has engulfed you.

It is time to take your eyes off of your circumstances and look around you. It is time to stand and wash your tear stained face. It is time to put others before yourself.
Job 42:10 says that Job was released from his captivity when he prayed for his friends. Job had suffered great loss, unbearable loss. His body was eaten up with illness and sickness. He was in constant pain. BUT when he chose to pray for his friends his circumstances were turned around! When is the last time that you didn’t pray for yourself and you sought God earnestly with tears for your friends? It is time to pray! REBUILD THE ALTERS

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