Emmett Ratcliffe

Emmett Ratcliffe


Emmett Ratcliffe from VA, When I look at my life I know there are no words that can tell what God has done for me . He did not only save me but he saved others from me. From childhood I was broken. I was raised in an abusive home. As a young teen I started getting involved in anything and everything.

At 21 one of my biker friends pointed a gun at my face and pulled the trigger. Until this day I carry the scars on my face and the bullet in my neck.
I had a fundamental knowledge of God and I knew God had spared my life.
I was searching for God. I knew there was a truth that was real but I didn’t know where or how to find it.

One night one of my biker buddies that I hadn’t seen for awhile showed up. He was different. He had shaved and cut his hair. He wasn’t talking the way he use to. He had found God. He and my girlfriend started having bible studies. Next thing I knew my girlfriend told me that she couldn’t live with me anymore because it didn’t please God. I was getting ready to leave to go with some friends when a presence came into my kitchen where I was standing. It totally overwhelmed me and I knew that it was God. This was the sign I had been looking for. I went to church with my girlfriend and God filled me with his spirit that night. I knew I had found the true living God. He took everything that I had been struggling with, drug addiction, bitterness and hatred I had harbored in my heart. He filled me with a compassion for people that I had never experienced.

Now in my 60s i know God can do all things if I have the faith. So, come lets move mountains together.

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