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Ron & Teresa

Ron- I was born and raised in Southern California. I was not raised “in church”. At the tender age of 14 I was introduced to crystal meth. I spent many years of my life drinking, doing drugs and living in a gang environment. I attended high school in Southern California. I played football, basketball and baseball. I received several college offers- lost all of that due to drugs and other situations.

At 25 years old I woke up in my bed one morning after a night of partying. There were various people scattered throughout my apartment past out from a night of drinking and drugs. I heard an audible voice speak to me, “Are you tired of this.” I decided then to call my dad. When my dad answered the phone, I asked him if I could go to church with him that morning. He asked, “who is this”? You see up until this point I had ran from God. My dad had come to know the Lord several years earlier and, on many occasions, had tried to talk to me about the Lord. I didn’t want to hear anything about him. So, imagine dad’s surprise when I told him it was me, Ron. I wish that I could say that I turned my life around that day, but I didn’t. It took me another year before I finally surrendered everything to God and gave my life completely to Him.


What We Believe

One God

We believe in God. He created everything, including you and me. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, and worthy to be loved with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind.

The Bible

We believe God has given us a book (the Bible) that is true and can be trusted. It was written by men but inspired by God – and every part of it points to Jesus. When the dust settles, the Bible is our statement of faith.


We believe God is revealed fully in Jesus, who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on a cross for our sins, and supernaturally rose from the dead. This planet hasn’t seen the last of him.

His Church

We believe in the church. It’s a community where people can find Jesus and follow him fully. The church isn’t perfect, but Jesus is. God doesn’t want us doing this spiritual life in isolation; that’s why he created the whole church thing in the first place – and he’s still totally committed to it. The church is incredibly important – we have a much better chance of succeeding in our spiritual journey when surrounded by others moving forward in theirs.

Our Nature

We believe all human beings are spiritually lost, wandering around trying to make sense of this life and consistently messing it up. Only through Jesus can we be found, and this is very much what God wants. If we submit to Jesus’ leadership as Lord, we will be saved; if we continue on our own path, we will end up separated from God forever. This is something God does not want, and this is why Jesus came.

God is Creative

Outpour believes that God is infinitely creative, so we express our faith in infinitely creative ways. We’re Spirit-led without being weird and mission-minded without diluting the message of Jesus. We’re not scared of culture or seduced by it. Our approach to church isn’t traditional, but our commitment to Jesus shapes everything we believe, say, and do.

KIDS Church

KIDS (Kids in Divine Service), our children’s ministry nurtures children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus. It is a great opportunity to learn about worship, bible stories, and fellowship with others.


GIGGLES (Girls in God, Growing, Laughing, Eating, Sharing), our women’s bible study group, meets on the second Sunday of each month to grow together, and share fellowship and fun. All ladies 18 and up are welcome to join.

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